Let’s be clear – there are domains and there are premium domains. With a premium domain, you can rest assured that your website will be noticed much easier both by Internet users and by search engines. There are many domain registrars that have created separate lists where they are placing these so-called premium domains. Obviously, they are more expensive than regular domains, but according to many experts, this is an investment that will pay off in the long run. If you are wondering why it is a good idea to opt for premium domains, keep reading this article because we are about to highlight the basic characteristics of premium domains.


For starters, premium domains are easy to remember and relatively short. Of course, this characteristic should be present in any domain name. It is much better for Internet users to memorize a short name and a name that is unique. Additionally, the name must be easy to say/pronounce. We have all visited websites that we wanted to visit again, but we forgot what their entire name was. Some of them use weird prefixes, others use suffixes. The reason for this is simple – the original name was taken and the website owners were trying to use some modifications.


The second characteristic of premium domains is that they are generic. In order to explain this in layman terms, we will list some examples – food.com, courses.com, toys.com etc. Remember that names that contain two words are not really generic. For instance, jacksrestaurant.com is not a generic name. Numerous studies have shown that generic names are way more attractive than ordinary names.

Easy to spell

Next, a domain name like this is easy to spell and difficult to misspell. Is it possible to misspell a word like food? However, the situation gets more complicated when you are using a complex combination of difficult words like networkingengineers.com. What’s interesting is that people are actually avoiding businesses that have such complex names.

Related to products/services

Premium domains are the domains that are closely related to certain products or services. Food and computers, for instance, are some of the best-selling products on the market. It would be ideal if you can find an available premium domain name that is closely related to some popular products or services. This means instant traffic for your website even if your website is relatively new.

Respects trademark rights

There is no doubt that premium domains are the ones that respect trademark rights to the maximum extent. Truth be told, it’s not easy to come up with a generic premium domain name that can get in conflict with some trademark rights, but there are situations when something like this is possible. For example, the premium domain appstore can be used by all the mobile app creators and sellers like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

A matching extension

Many people believe that only .com domains are premium domains, but they are wrong. Many country-specific domain names using native language phrases are premium domains too. The main point here is that the language of the domain name must have a suitable country domain name extension. For instance, lanourriture.cn may sound like a premium domain name because la nourriture means food in French, but the extension points to China. This is a short, easy to spell, generic name, but it’s not a premium domain. The language used in this domain name is not suitable for the extension.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand what premium domains are and that you will consider buying one for your website.

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